We’re not your standard business guys. You can call us strategic opportunists. Brand architects. Entrepreneurs with a history of e-commerce succes stories. The types to always set the bar high and prove that impossible is just an opinion. Because working hard doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy every bit of it. Kazemi stands for our DNA. In which loyalty goes beyond expectations and partners are family. We’re sharp decision-makers yet down to earth and wil always say it like it is. Our passion is to continue bringing scalable opportunities to life. And living our passion is what we do best.


Amsterdam 2022

Our brands

Building brands is second nature to us. We don’t shy away from a challenge. Far from. Instead, we create our own path into new succes stories. From price comparison websites, moving services and retail companies; we create quality consumer solutions that offer real value to different segments. From website design to SEO, branding and strategic thinking: we match our wide range of skills with a large network of like-minded people. Companies that are build to last. That’s the Kazemi guarantee.

Bijan Kazemi

Some people wake up every day thinking, “Right, what impossible thing can I make possible today?” Those people were usually outcasts growing up, like us. Because not fitting the norm can become your major power. It makes way for a different kind of thinking. Your creativity, your edge gives you confidence. And it teaches you that if you put your mind to it, you can make pretty much anything happen. 

“no guts no glory – no legend no story”

Bijan Kazemi

Business Developer 

Pejman Kazemi

I like thriving businesses. Multiple ones. Why not? That’s our success story, It’s why we do what we do. We invest in entrepreneurs and give them space to evolve, the opportunity to shape their ideas and the confidence to really make it happen. We don’t wear a suit, but we do help creative and ambitious entrepreneurs that wear suits every day. Our Dutch mentality ensures that we speak from the heart and tell you exactly how we see it, without sugar coating it. Got your attention? Good. Because that’s what we do well.

“Change your mind, it will change your world”

Pejman Kazemi

Executive Director

Grow together

If you’re thinking – I want to work with Kazemi then let’s get straight to it. We’de love to hear your story and put our trailblazing spirit to use in new ventures. As you can see from the range of brands we created, no idea is too crazy. From consumer concepts to the world of investments. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get going.

Yes, we invest

So you’ve got an idea. You’d say it’s pretty brilliant and you’d love to pitch it to us. Sounds great. We believe that there are many talented people out there that have what it takes to find great business success. All they need is that little extra push and the advice from experts to get it off the ground. Our large network, history of running successful companies and strategic insights make us a great partner for your unique ideas. Let us streamline your vision. Do you have what it takes to become the next big thing? Contact us and let’s make it happen.

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